Our Services

  • Contractual Consulting
    Contractual Consulting

    Women Soccer World supports players and companies in the negotiation and drafting of any type of contract using the experience of Studio Canovi and the experience of a team of professionals.

  • Marketing, Communication and Image Management
    Marketing, Communication and Image Management

    We develop communication plans, personalized image management, through the use of both traditional and technologically more innovative communication channels.

    Women Soccer World is committed to finding the most suitable commercial partners and sponsors for the needs of athletes, coaches and sports clubs.

  • Legal, Administrative and Tax Assistance
    Legal, Administrative and Tax Assistance

    We make available to our clients the expertise and many years of experience of the Lawyer Dario Canovi, and offer a certainty in administrative, legal and tax management.

    For Women Soccer World, transparency of contracts is absolutely a priority in order to make customers aware of what they are going to sign.

  • Organization and Event Promotion
    Organization and Event Promotion

    By using a highly professional and qualified work team, Women Soccer World assists companies and sports clubs in organizing and promoting national and international events in the world of women's football.

  • Scouting

    Women Soccer World carries out constant scouting activities all over the world starting from the youth sectors up to the most prestigious tournaments on the world scene.


“...ora nasce un'agenzia che si occuperà in maniera professionale di calciatrici e allenatrici, più in generale di un sistema che da sempre rivendica il diritto di esistere...”

Ivan Zazzaroni
[Direttore Corriere dello Sport]