Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why should I choose a women's football agency?

    Because the world of women’s soccer today is going through a most critical moment, the transition from the amateur to the professional world. The time has come to put our expertise and many years of experience in men's football at the disposal of female athletes.

  • Why should I get help?

    Because of the necessity to finally have a company that deals with professional assistance for athletes at 360 degrees. To date, many players are still poorly assisted or isolated from the managerial world, and often find themselves having wasted their time with unprepared agents or improvised agencies. The transition from amateurism to professionalism will be an extremely delicate transition, which will absolutely need specific skills and not casual assistance.

  • Will the women become professional footballers?

    Now the transition is only a matter of time. Both FIFA with Infantino, as well as our federal president Gravina, have agreed that the time has come for football to invest in the world of women, which in the last World Cup has rightfully gained an important place in the attention of the world media. Therefore, it is no longer possible that a football movement of this magnitude is still considered as an amateur expression.


“...ora nasce un'agenzia che si occuperà in maniera professionale di calciatrici e allenatrici, più in generale di un sistema che da sempre rivendica il diritto di esistere...”

Ivan Zazzaroni
[Direttore Corriere dello Sport]