Consulting Company
for Women's Soccer

  • About us

    The idea comes from the union of professionals from the world of female sports, together with leading figures in the field of communication and image enhancement. This synthesis was strongly desired in order to give to the fast growing and expanding world of women's soccer, a contribution of professionalism and seriousness that deserves.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to offer quality consultation services to football players, coaches and clubs.

    To date, the world of women's soccer is experiencing a transition phase and many athletes have been abandoned to themselves and ill-informed about what is to be considered professional management.

    Women Soccer World was born with the intention of assisting athletes and coaches with professional and constructive methods for their careers, providing a home where they can feel protected during their professional ascent. As a company in the world of women's soccer, we also deal with the organization of events and carry out continual scouting activities at an international level.

  • Our vision

    Many years of competence professionals in the sector, will be available to clubs, coaches and their assistants, who will be followed daily during their professional career.

    Marketing, contracts, image management and personal needs of athletes and coaches will be managed by our company day by day.

    Our staff will always be available during and after office hours. Personal numbers will be made available to our clients. The know-how of the company's components is the primary guarantee.


“...una sfida importante, quella che attende questa società, una sfida da vincere per il bene dello sport...”

Claudio Barbaro
[Senatore e Relatore Legge dello Sport / Presidente A.S.I.]